About Us:

We are New Jersey high-school students attempting to raise public awareness to the issue of fossil-fuel depletion and climate change. Microalgae Biodiesel is the the fuel of the future, with lower toxic emissions, capability to be renewed, rapid growth, and equal efficency as compared to fossil-fuel.

We designed this project to test our hypothesis that microalgae biodiesel can burn as efficently as petroleum based #2 heating oil in a residential boiler with fewer toxic emissions. After months of  growing microalgae in our basement, we showed that home-grown microalgae biodiesel can readly be substituted for petroleum based #2 heating oil at similar costs and decreased green house gases and toxic emissions.

We Now Encourage You To Spread The Word And Inform Others of Micoalgae Biodiesel As An Alternative. This, Here And Now, Is Our Time. Let This Change be Our Generation's Coming of Age Moment.



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