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Microalgae speices selection is based on growth rate and lipid conent.The microalgae  Nannochloropsis sp. has both characteristics

During microalgae cultivation in 5gal. photobioreactors,  light (florescents ), nutrients, CO2, and water are supplied to promote replication and growth.


Th resulted microalgae pasted is air-dried over 36 hours.  


A12 ton Hydraulic Shop-Press was used to extraced the microalgae oil  The oil was released through holes in the bottom of the coffe can into the white bucket below.



Using a residential boiler at BNL, we tested combustion efficencies, and emissions of microalgae and soybean biodiesel compared to #2 heating oIl.


Tetraselmis sp. is a marine microalgae, reported to have a lipid content of up to 45% and a growth doubling time of 20 hrs. 


Once the PBR have "greened", the microalgae are harvested by gravity filtration with excess water recycled into another PBR. 


Completely dried microalgae prior to oil extraction 

The microalgae oil underwent transesterification to convert it into biodiesel. Heated methanol/ sodium hydroxide were mixed with heated microalgae oil and allowed to react resulting in biodiesel.


Our results showed that microalgae and soybean biodiesel combustion reduce toxic emissions and burn  just as efficently (as seen by the constant CO levels) as petroleum based #2 heating oil.



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