Microalgae Biodiesel: Fuel of the Future

                                       What Can Microalgae Biodiesel Fix?

     The U.S. currently consumes 20 billion barrels of oil each day. Oil is imported into the  U.S.in ever-greater quantities, and the cost of oil continues to steadily rise. According to  the U.S. Department of Energy, only 7.3% of all the energy used in the U.S. is renewable. Microalgae is a completely renewable source of energy that can end the United States' dependence on oil.

                                                         Feasibility of Growing Microalgae?                                         www.our-energy.com

    We have shown that it is  possible to grow microalgae to produce biodiesel.  The United States Department of Energy estimates that only 15,000 square miles of land (0.42% of the United States) is needed to be set aside to cultivate enough algae to completely replace petroleum. The United States has many areas of unused land that can be utilized for this purpose.

What About the Cost of Microalgae Biodiesel?

     It is commonly assumed that petroleum is significantly cheaper than biodiesel.  However, petroleum prices are steadily rising. Microalgae biodiesel would not be subject to such price fluctuation, as it would be a completely renewable resource and we are not dependent on foreign sources. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that microalgae biodiesel could be produced at costs under $4.50/gallon, meaning that microalgae biodiesel would actually be cheaper than petroleum in the long run.

What is the Next Step?

     In order to implement microalgae biodiesel nationwide, we need to lobby the government and use the media to educate our communities about its merits. Every additional person who knows about the benefits of microalgae biodiesel contributes greatly to our efforts to put it into worldwide use!



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