MicroAlgae Biodiesel: The Fuel Of The Future

It's Clean!                 It's Healthy! 


Any Solutions to This Problem?

Biodiesel is a clean-burning, alternative fuel produced from renewable resources with lower emissions compared to petroleum diesel. Microalgae are being investigated as a 2nd generation source of biodiesel because they are some of the fastest growing plants and are almost 50% oil. The oil can be used to make biodiesel fuel for all kinds of diesel vehicles and residential furnaces.  

  It's Renewable!              It's Algae!


We are so dependent on petroleum products for our energy needs that a lack of it could literally send our planet back to the Stone Age! It took millions of years for the earth to make petroleum, but it will only take a few more years for us to deplete all fossil fuel reservoirs.



 Why Specifically MicroAlgae?

Advantages include rapid microalgae growth rates, a high per-acre yield, contains no sulfur, is non-toxic, and is highly biodegradable. Existing diesel engines can use microalgae biofuel without modification. In addition, microalgae biofuel can be mixed with conventional petroleum at any ratio. As a result, this biofuel can use existing distribution infrastructure.


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